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Dov Hoffman says

"Beware of this company. The installer will say whatever he/she needs to in order to sell you a system. My installation guy Daniel flat out lied to my wife and me. He Promised to get us a lower rate After 31 days. We just needed to call him.. So 31 days went by and I called him. He then told me we needed to have a home phone installed in order to get the Lower rate. He never mentioned this during his sales pitch and knew we did not have a home phone line At the time of installation. I tried to speak with him And he just forwarded me to a department at “protect your home” And said they will take care if it. I called them and spoke with 3 different departments And then was transferred to the loyalty department. I Was hung up on and then waited on hold for over an hour and nobody picked up again. I am contacting adt directly and will most likely just cancel the entire system. I would highly recommend you contact adt directly if you want their services."

Jennifer C says

"These people are LIARS and using deceptive trade practices to get customers. I called a month ago ( or longer) to get transcripts of the audio call when I “signed up”. They escalated the issue and told me someone would be in contact within a few days. Never heard from anyone and it’s been way past that timeframe. So now, we will be contacting a family friend who is a consumer protection attorney next week to inquire about suing them for Deceptive trade practices because had they not lied to us to get our business, we wouldn’t be here in this situation. The recorded calls will prove that too but I suspect the recorded audio will be “missing” or I will never get those copies or even a call back. I’m also filing formal complaints with the FTC, the BBB and ADT corporate in the hopes that this “authorized dealer” will be stripped of their partnership with ADT or at least held responsible for their deceptive business practices. It’s a shame that they have to outright lie and mislead people to get business. Steer clear of this company and go through ADT directly if you can. Avoid this company like the plague."

Heather Sederbaum says

"Horrible customer service. When you schedule an appointment for a service call, they never show up. Just a very bad experience and I've only had my services for 9 day's."

Rusty Adkins says

"Terrible. These people are dishonest. They are NOT ADT. Did a hard credit hit without authorization. The system install is a mess and the equipment is cheap. I tried to cancel and they would not permit me to do so. The people threatened me and hung up on me on numerous occasions. Stay away from this company. I can't say enough bad things about these people. Buyer beware. Stay away."

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